Parkinson’s Support Group of Sudbury

Who we are:

The Parkinson’s Support Group of Sudbury is a group of people with Parkinson’s Disease, and interested family and community members, who gather together to learn more about the disease and how to live well with Parkinson’s. The group is affiliated with Parkinson Canada.

Anyone with an interest in Parkinson’s is welcome to “check us out” by attending a meeting or calling someone from the Contact Us list.

The support group operates with volunteers from the group itself and from the community.


Our goal is to support one another on our Parkinson’s journey, to increase our knowledge of the disease we live with and to promote awareness in the community of both the Support Group and the disease itself.

Where we meet:

All Nations Church
414 St. Raphael St. (off Howey Drive, east of VanHorne)
Sudbury, ON P3B 1M4    see map

We will  meet at 2 pm the third Wednesday of the month except July, August, and December. Very rarely do we change the meeting date, but if you are coming for the first time, it might be wise to call one of the contacts to confirm. (In December we have a Christmas party.)

The building is wheelchair accessible, and there is an accessible washroom in the Great Room where we will be meeting. There is an entrance from the parking area directly to this room. Look for double doors to the right of the main entrance and the office entrance.

What we do:

The Support Group holds monthly meetings (except July, August and December). Each meeting tries to include three elements: Education, Support and Fundraising.

Education might include reports on the latest findings in research, talks about the disease itself and information about maximizing mobility. Guest speakers have included Doctors, Nurses, Physio & Massage Therapists, Dieticians, Chiropractors and Speech Therapists.

The group also has pamphlets, books and DVD’s available for lending.

Support often includes speakers who show us ways to cope with the changes Parkinson’s will bring. Financial planners, tax specialists, people demonstrating mobility aids and monitoring aids, CCAC showing us how to access their help; all to make life a little easier.

Coffee & Tea are available at each meeting and members enjoy having time to chat with one another, with the freedom to share concerns and tips for coping.

Fundraising at a support group meeting is usually an update on whatever the current project is. Our involvement in fundraising takes place on several levels: national, regional and local.

Nationally, the group participates in the SuperWalk for Parkinson’s each September. Monies raised go to research.

Regionally, there are sales of fresh-cut and potted tulips in April (Parkinson’s Awareness Month). These monies go to Parkinson Canada to fund Community Development Coordinators and to provide us with support, information, literature, conferences, etc.

Locally, the support group has a number of fun fundraising activities at meetings and at the SuperWalk. In the fall we sell Christmas Cakes – fruit cakes and cherry cakes (delicious!) – beautifully presented in attractive tins and also amazing shortbread cookies.

Other Activities:

The Parkinson’s Mobility Program

The Program is offered by the Parkside Center in downtown Sudbury. It is a one hour exercise program twice a week designed to promote mobility, flexibility, balance and endurance. The Support Group underwrites the cost of this program for its members.

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month

The Mayor meets with the support group to read and sign the proclamation. We try to make it an open-to-the-public meeting to talk about Parkinson’s Disease, how it affects us as well as the community. We participate in the Hope in Bloom Campaign, an initiative of Parkinson Canada Central & Northern Ontario, selling potted tulips and bouquets of cut tulips.

In the Community

Some group members who are comfortable with public speaking give presentations to Long Term Care facilities, interested groups and University and College classes.

Volunteers from the group have prepared and set up displays at several community events, answering questions and providing information about Parkinson’s.

Quite a number of our members have participated in a variety of research studies.

Community Volunteers

There are community volunteers who prepare the space for the support group meetings, setting up tables and chairs, arranging a literature table, organizing name tags, making tea & coffee, then putting it all away at the end of the evening. Their assistance is invaluable.

Many more community volunteers pitch in to help make the Sudbury SuperWalk happen. We couldn’t do it without them.

We would welcome additional volunteers who are interested in helping to organize and deliver some of the fundraising and promotional events.

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